Monday, January 20, 2014

The View…

…or lack thereof.

The first thing you notice about Glebe is that it is definitely not a touristy part of the town. It is cute, and there are some good restaurants, but it is certainly off-the-beaten-path. The views can best be described by co-opting a line by Douglas Adams. In which he describes how his character feels about the view she has of the park from her flat. That view, like mine of the city is not so much framed by the surrounding trees and buildings; it’s more that they just fail to completely obscure it.

What I am left with is a peek at the eastern tower of the Anzac Bridge just there between the tree and the roof across the street, and the Sydney Tower Eye (Westfield Tower) down toward the south not quite fully hidden by the house next-door.

But as Adams explains of his character, this less-than-stellar view imparts a strange sense of ownership that a broad sweeping vista of the whole cityscape just wouldn’t. It give a sort of intimate stewardship that makes me care more about that one tower and one end of the bridge than I ever could for the whole city.

Or perhaps, it’s just the jet-lag talking. Yes, I think that is far more likely. I do believe I will go take a nap.

Wherever you are today, I hope your outlook is a pleasant one!

Don Bergquist – 20 January 2014 – Glebe, New South Wales, Australia

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